OEM Silver Dual Sim Card Tray For iPhone Xs Max


4 in stock


4 in stock

1 x OEM Silver Dual Sim Card Tray With Waterproof Gasket For iPhone XS Max


Is your iPhone XS Max SIM card tray with waterproof gasket broken? Is your iPhone XS Max Silver SIM card tray broken, dirty, damaged or not working? Or is your waterproof gasket broken? Replacing them can help fix the problem. We carry Black, Gold & Silver sim trays and they come in dual or single sim trays. We also have Dual sim trays hold that hold 2 sim cards and the single sim tray holds 1 sim card.

This product does NOT come with instructions.

Replace your small old worn out or damaged parts, like the iPhone XS Max SIM card tray with waterproof gasket and help make your phone look and work like it’s new again.

High quality brand new replacement part for your iPhone XS Max.





Compatible with:

iPhone XS Max


Disclaimer: Axiology Imports is not responsible for any damage caused by the installation of this accessory!


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